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EsthiCell Brand


The EsthiCell PROFESSIONAL brand was established in response to the growing interest in aesthetic dermatology treatments in the cosmetic industry. High content of active ingredients, application safety and outstanding efficiency are the intrinsic features of all our products.

The brand philosophy successfully combines a number of crucial elements, the most significant of which is cutting to the minimum those product ingredients that may have any adverse effects, including fragrance substances. What also makes our products exceptional is a high level of active substances that have also paved their way to medicine. Moreover, our product recipes and formulas are meant to offer outstanding economical features. All this makes the EsthiCell PROFESSIONAL treatments very reliable and efficient.

Our long-standing experience in the cosmetic industry, including in the field of cosmetic and medical services, has let us approach the creation of the EsthiCell PROFESSIONAL portfolio in line with the modern industry-specific development directions. It has been developed with the aim to assist specialists with applying treatments oriented to various skin problems, also when multiple problems need to be tackled simultaneously.

Owing to the clear division of EsthiCell PROFESSIONAL products, specialists offering professional treatment services enjoy considerable application autonomy, while meeting the standards and procedures based on their experience and knowledge of professional products. This feature has become the underlying motive and philosophy behind the entire brand, including the Multi Focus Therapy line.