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A multitude of external and internal factors, or their cross-reactions, cause changes to our skin structure that are clearly reflected on its surface. They take various forms, ranging from shelling, through glossy skin and discolouration, to skin structure deformations. Unfortunately, they are devoid of any aesthetic values, sometimes impacting on our frame of mind and the way other people perceive us. It is ever more frequent that such changes occur concomitantly, which makes them difficult to tackle with a single product or treatment.

EsthiCell treatments have been designed, on the one hand, to ensure an overall effect and, on the other hand, to make it possible to act selectively and on a specific problem. The EsthiCell treatments portfolio offers huge possibilities both to specialists having substantial professional experience and to those at the doorstep of their career in the beauty industry. Due to our well-thought-off portfolio, each product, through its focused action, can be combined with other products and adjusted to treatment needs.


EsthiCell PROFESSIONAL treatments


▪ Facial treatments 

Norma PeptiCell Basic Therapy

Cleansing and revitalising treatment

Norma PeptiCell Advanced Therapy

Treatment for skin with disturbed sebum production

Hydra PeptiCell Therapy

Moisturising and regenerating treatment

Rejuve PeptiCell Therapy

Intensive repair and rejuvenating treatment

Microdermabrasion Effect Treatment

Treatment offering a corundum microdermabrasion effect


▪ Therapies to tackle specific face and body skin problems

Multi-Function Direct Therapy Treatments focusing on specific skin problems Treatment for skin with dilated capillaries and flushing

Treatment for oily and mixed skin

Treatment for dry skin and skin lacking firmness

Treatment for hyperpigmented skin

Anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating treatment

Treatment for skin with multiple problems


▪ Acid peel-off therapies

Mandelic + Lactobionic + Lactic Acid / 35% pH 2.8

Mandelic + Lactobionic + Lactic Acid / 50% pH 2.5

Pyruvic + Glycolic Acid 35% pH 2.9

Pyruvic + Glycolic Acid 35% pH 2.5



Body RejuveTherapy

Regenerating and moisturising treatment

Multi-Function AromaTherapy

Multi-function aromatherapy treatment

Body Firming and Slimming Therapy

Firming and slimming treatment